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Let It Pass Timer

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Let It Pass Timer


This app is for anyone who is struggling with negative emotions, urges, or anxieties in relation to their mental or physical health. It is not just for people with mental health disorders as it can help negative feelings and stressors of all types and even help people lose weight as they let their cravings for unhealthy food pass.


Let It Pass Timer is an app that allows people to tangibly let their negative emotions, urges, or anxieties pass by pressing a button that starts a timer. When they feel that these emotions, urges, or anxieties have passed, they simply hit stop and move on with the feelings gone. The soothing rainbow of colors that cycle through each minute helps to distract from the negative feelings in order to facilitate faster passing of the feelings. The ambient music that can be played is called “The Seagull” from the artist Vita Nuova whose work can be found on


I was inspired to make this app because of my battle with bipolar disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder. As I went to therapy, my counselor helped me deal with my manic and depressive episodes by letting the negative feelings pass. I also use this for my OCD whenever I have compulsions to do things. I simply sit with those urges and let them pass.


People can use this app when they are feeling stressed, when they are hit with a mental health crisis, or when they simply need a soothing distraction. The fortunate thing is that since phones are always so close, people can have access to this app at a moment’s notice and can use it immediately when they are starting to feel the need to let something pass.


Beyond being on their mobile phone, people can use this app no matter where they are. Furthermore, it can be a great distraction even when you are around other people.


Simply press the “Let It Pass” Button to start the timer and press stop once the feeling, urge, or emotion has passed. Turn on or off the music using the music on and off buttons.
Grace Olson