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Legend of the VOYAGEERS Disneyland Edition

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Legend of the VOYAGEERS Disneyland Edition

For Disneyland Fans: Choose your own story in this "Lifeline" style adventure through Walt's magical Park! A game designed to honor Walt Disney on Disneyland's 60th Anniversary takes an unexpected turn. What will happen next? You decide. •ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME•

You have been chosen to participate in a unique game. Open the app, hit "Play," and you'll be connected to a virtual Disneyland tour guide (also known as a Virtual Plaid). Soon, you'll realize that this is no ordinary tour. As you dig deeper into the treasure-trove of Disneyland lore, you will discover the "Legend" of the Voyageers and their spectacular home inside the Main Street Realm. Your decisions could affect the fate of Disneyland, the Voyageers, and everything that Walt Disney has worked for.

Choose wisely, and you just might get an encrypted transmission from CM-1, the man who started it all: Walter Elias Disney.

Can you keep Walt's dream alive?

Find out in this text based game that also works on the Apple Watch.

Based on the novels by Kelly Ryan Johns (VOYAGEERS: The Multiplaner, VOYAGEERS: The Great Storyteller, and the Deadliest Cast Member Series).

Original score by THEANTHROPOS (

This is not a Disney product.
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