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LectroRM Watch

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LectroRM Watch

Controllable Settings:
- *Audio Level
- *Frequency
- Sleep Mode
- Lock Mode
- *Power Output
- *Low Cut Filter
- *LED On/Off
- *Record/Stop

- Simplistic design for fast and easy use
- Sounds are generated dynamically, not loaded from memory

*Not all remote control tones are supported by every Lectronsonics device.

Lectrosonics® SM transmitters must be configured to accept remote control tones. Hold down arrow while turning on the transmitter. Then select "rc on". The original SM requires firmware version 1.5 (released 12/05) to respond to the remote. The firmware version number appears upon turning on the unit. Any tones properly received but not supported will be met with "---------" response on the transmitter screen.

Lectrosonics® is a registered trademark of Lectrosonics Inc. Lectrosonics Inc. does not provide support for this app.
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