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The Learnit is an application that helps you in your study sessions calculating the ideal time to review, and only presenting content that you necessarily need to review.

It is proven by scientists to calculate the ideal time to review content, you'll never forget it. The Learnit calculates that ideal time and selects only content that you have not yet mastered, saving you time to not remain studying what you already know.
Through spaced repetition algorithm and flashcards, you'll never forget some content has learned.

The Learnit applies to all areas, from learning indiomas, to mathematics. Content is fully customized to the student and review time too.

You can review the content quickly and naturally. Study will be much more fun and productive.

User the Learnit now and never forget anything.

This app was developed at BEPiD of Universidade Católica de Brasílial.
Yeltsin Suares Lobato Gama