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MyRugbyREF (Pro) has been developed by a (Union) Referee as a Practical On-Field Assistant, and LeagueRef (Pro) has been based on the same functionality, adapted for League.

Setup your Game Details on your iPhone and select to Score on either (or both) your Apple Watch and/or iPhone. Once the initial setup has been completed on your iPhone, you can either use your iPhone to score the game on-the-run, or sync the Team Details to your Apple Watch to use during the Game, while the Team Manager use the iPhone to score on the sideline. Alternatively you can use the Apple Watch with Default Settings without the need to Sync.

Our aim is to ensure a user-friendly Practical & Functional Application to use during the game and record relevant game information, setup in 3-Steps:
2) Create your TEAM PROFILES (Name & Team Colors)
3) SYNC to your APPLE WATCH, and/or Proceed to Score on your iPhone.

SMARTPHONE (iPhone 7 or later)
- The GAME TIMER (Minutes) is set from your "Game Setup"
- ADD SCORE (or Cards) by Tapping on either TEAM NAME.
- FOLLOW the Popup Prompts to capture the relevant Details.
- All ACTIONS are linked to your "Game-Timer" on a Timeline
- EACH HALF offers you a complete Overview of the Game

APPLE WATCH (Preferably Series 2)
- TEAM NAMES are set on your iPhone (Sync to receive)
- Or use the Default "Team 1 / Team 2" Names displayed.
- Set the GAME TIME and Tap to Scoring Page (Timer Starts)
- Timer can be Paused/Resume and will allow RESET once on "0:00"
- Add SCORE (or Cards) for each Team by tapping the "+" on Scoring.

Once the Game has been completed, simply Screenshot the Results to Save in your Photos and send to your Union/Club via email or text.

This APP is Optimized for iPhone X (or later), using iOS-13.2 or later, but will work on some earlier iPhone 7 & 8 Models, Operating in Portrait-mode (only).

PLEASE NOTE that the TIMER Functionality & Accuracy in Background (Sleep) Mode may vary on some (older) devices, depending on your device setup. Sleep mode may need to be temporary disabled to eliminate such issues (if any).

The APP has undergone extensive field-testing over several months and we aim to continue further development to improve the functionality, with future updates to include:
- More IOS Functions/Features,
- SYNC Watch Summary back to your iPhone, and
- A Cloud (Online) Database to Save, Recall & Share data...

We do also offer a FREE Application, without the Watch-Extension and only limited functionality - see LeagueREF

Please report any issues or suggestions on our (page) or email us on [email protected]

Like our FACEBOOK Page (My Rugby Ref) for News & Updates about the App, and feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or issues...
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