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If you train regularly with a treadmill at home,
this will get boring at some point because the treadmill only supports a certain number of different programs (intervals).

With this app you can now create as many random programs as you like and "run after" them.

You can configure
- the minimum and maximum running speed (in km/h)
- the desired total running time (in minutes) or the desired total distance (in kilometers)
- the minimum and maximum interval time (in minutes)

The app now creates a random program from different intervals, each interval has a random speed and a random runtime.

During the run different data are displayed, with a preview button the created run profile can be viewed graphically.

There is a "Pause" button and a button to skip the current interval or return to the previous interval.

Of course, the app has no control over the treadmill, so the user must place the iPhone in front of him on the treadmill and manually set the currently required running speed.

If you give the app access to the music library of the device, it is possible to play songs of a selected playlist while it is running.

A training can also be saved in the Dropbox / iCloud as an ASCII file and can be reloaded from there.

The file name can be specified in a text input field (file extension is always .lbt).

The ASCII file consists of single lines, each line contains exactly one number:
1st line: Number of training intervals
2nd line: Duration of the 1st training interval
3rd line: Speed of the 1st training interval
4th line: Duration of the 2nd training interval
5th line: Speed of the 2nd training interval

Ergometer mode:
The treadmill trainer can also be used on an ergometer (bicycle trainer). To do so, switch to the new ergometer mode.
Then you no longer enter running speeds but watt values.
In this mode, however, the end of the training can only be determined by a total time and no longer by the achievement of a total distance (because in this case no distance covered can be calculated).
Each time you switch from ergometer mode to treadmill mode and vice versa, sensible initial values are set. In treadmill mode 10-13 km/h, in ergometer mode 150-200 watts.

Specification of a minimum average power output:
Up to now, one has specified a minimum and maximum power (km/h or watts), a total time or a total distance and the length of the random intervals (e.g. 1-3 minutes).
The program then calculates a random profile from this.
If you would like to train a little harder, you can now additionally specify a minimum average power (km/h or watt). The program calculates the random intervals again as usual, but increases the power until the specified average power is reached.
However, this setting is only possible if you set a total time as the end of the workout and not a total distance.

Apple Watch support:
- The current training data can be viewed on the first page of the brand-new
Apple Watch - App immediately during the training.
- On the second page there are buttons to
* to start the training
* to stop the training
* to pause the training
* to switch a training interval forward or backward.
- Start of training possible, but iOS app must have been started

Special music options:
- New option to set that the selected playlist is played in a random order.
- New option to set that the duration of the current song is used as the current
interval time.
- New option to set that the speed stored in the current song (km/h in treadmill
mode, Watts in ergometer mode) is used for the current training interval.
This running speed must be entered in the ID3Tag field "Beats per Minute".
Only integer values are possible, which are interpreted as km/h in treadmill mode
and as Watts in ergometer mode.

Link to the Apple health app (Health Kit):
Via a switch (Save workout), the health data (activity calories, heart rate) can be permanently transferred to the health app.
Michael Dieterle