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Last Card

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Last Card

Last Card - IA Challenge is a new addictive card game for those who are looking for a great trainer of attention and reaction. Try this app and you will not be disappointed!

Last Card - IA Challenge game has a lot of rules, however the game is extremely captivating! There is a set of cards of different colors and values. Your goal is to get rid of your cards before your opponents.

You can lay down only the card of the same color as the previous one. There are several special cards with various functions. Laying certain cards means that the next player draws several cards from the deck (from 1 to 4). Some other cards make the next player lose his or her turn. Laying "reverse" card makes the order of play change its direction (clockwise to counterclockwise, and vice versa). Look at the cards attentively and follow the indications!

Do not forget to tap the “Last Card” button when you play your next-to-last or you’ll have to draw two more cards! Enjoy the most interesting card game and have fun!

Last Card - IA Challenge Features:
- An extremely exciting card game with a variety of cards and rules;
- Be the fastest player – get rid of your cards before other players;
- Choose the special cards – make your opponent to lose his turn or switch the direction of order of a play;
- Be attentive and try to remember all the rules!
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