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LapTrak is a running activity aid & tracker with specific features & programmes for speed/interval/lap training.

Using LapTrak, activities are tracked using the LapTrak Apple Watch app, then sync'd to the LapTrak iPhone app to view your activity and stats! Tracking only needs your Apple Watch - leave your phone at home.

LapTrak integrates with HealthKit and the Health & Activity apps to ensure that your efforts contribute to your daily activities. It integrates with Strava so you can upload your activity with a single click.

LapTraks core feature is its ability to track & analyse the individual laps of your workout, regardless of their individual time or distance. The LapTrak watch app has a large LAP button that you tap every time you complete a lap of your session. LapTrak can record each activity in either kilometres or miles.

Using the built-in Classic Laps programme, you can manually or automatically track your laps. This programme supports configurable auto-lap distance, so you can do repeating shorts sprints or repeating longer intervals. You can use this programme to see your KM or mile splits over a longer run and you can even setup gel-reminders.

If you need more specific interval-style workouts, you can upgrade to other programmes from your iPhone. These will then be available directly on your watch, with configurable settings to guide and motivate your through your workout. Available programmes are:

- Lap repeats - Configure fast + recovery laps by time or distance.
- Pyramis laps - Configure fast + recovery laps by increasing then reducing time or distance.
- Tabata - 8 laps of 20 second sprints with 10 second recovery.
- Tempo - Run at a comfortably hard pace based on a recent 5K time. Highly configurable.
- Yasso 800s - Predict and train towards your target marathon time.

LapTrak Watch app displays current interval time, distance and pace along with current heart rate and cadence.

Instant interval and current total summaries are given when the LAP button is tapped or automatically if you've enable AutoLap or running a programme. LapTrak has the option to give spoken feedback too. It's easy to see the overall stats of your run - just tap the screen during your activity to switch to total stats.

LapTrak has a built-in cadence training aid. Set the target cadence and LapTrak provides audio feedback to help you run at that cadence.

At the end of your run, you get an instant breakdown of your activity directly on your watch - LapTrak automatically detects your fast intervals and shows your overall stats alongside your fast interval stats.

After your activity is complete, it is automatically sync'd to your iPhone so you can check out all of your stats on the LapTrak iPhone app where you'll get comprehensive summary stats for your overall run and the individual intervals of your training session.

LapTrak will show you an interactive map of your session where you can get a summary of each interval by tapping on the place where you tapped the LAP button. If you've been running sprints back and forth or around a track, LapTrak groups points that are close together and shows a table of stats.

LapTrak will show you statistics and graphs of your overall activity distance, pace and elevation.

LapTrak automatically analyses your activity data to identify the fast, recovery and rest intervals, presenting graphs and stats for all three interval types. You can compare how you did across your fast intervals for the whole activity for pace, distance and time.

Using LapTraks huge stats table, you can see interval splits for pace, distance, time, cumulative distance & time, lap rank, elevation, heart rate and cadence. You can also select a specific interval to see where it ranked overall and deep dive into it's stats including a detailed pace graph.

Proud of your run? There are 2 types of sharing views, including one with lots of stats for social media sharing.
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