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How to play:
Tap the screen every time you want to turn 90 degrees. If you hit a wall the game resets. Each time you pass the finish line you get 1 point. Every 5 laps the direction changes.

This is a fun challenging game where you find yourself respawning again and again.
The track changes during the game. The track can change height, width, rotation and run direction - So this game should challenge your timing and your ability to adjust.
Every time you tap the screen you turn 90 degrees but if your timing isn’t right you’ll hit a wall and the game resets. Every 5th lap you will change direction along with the speed continuously increasing. You will find yourself crashing over and over again while slowly improving your reflexes and skills.
How many laps can you run without hitting a wall?
And most importantly... can you beat your best friend’s highscore?

5/5 Stars
“Such a smooth experience <3"

5/5 Stars
"Flappy Bird 2 - JUST BETTER!"

You are more than welcome to post bug-reports or any game suggestions at my Facebook-page <3

The App preview video is edited by Dario Kozuh

Music in the App preview video:
Black Vortex Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
Dag Andersen