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Lap Tracking Companion

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Lap Tracking Companion

Combined with the Apple Watch Swimbuds Kit by Underwater Audio, the Lap Tracking app simplifies the task of counting your laps as you swim, leaving you to focus on swimming. The Apple Watch Swimbuds Kit includes a Clipi for attaching the Apple Watch to your goggles, an Uku for connecting wirelessly to your Apple Watch, and a pair of Swimbuds waterproof headphones for listening to music and real-time feedback while you swim.

The Lap Tracking app records lap count, lap time, overall swim time, and calories burned continuously in-app while you exercise, giving you real-time feedback as you swim. The Lap tracking app integrates with CareKit to enable you to keep track of your health data. The Lap Tracking app also syncs with the Health app seamlessly to record your workouts by integrating with HealthKit.

To record your workout, open the app, then press Home. Attach the Apple Watch using your Clipi to your goggles, and tap anywhere on the screen to start. It’s that simple to begin tracking laps! When you want to take a break, simply press the digital crown and the side button simultaneously to pause the tracking. Press both buttons again to resume your swim. When you are finished, remove the Water Lock by spinning the digital crown, then force touch the screen and select stop to end your workout. Use the Settings option on the main screen of the app to choose how often you want to hear audio feedback, from every lap to never.
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