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Have you ever been interested in the angles and scales for Pitching and Rolling of your car or SUV during OFF & ONROAD driving your car?

In this case the App will be interesting for you to get informed.

NEW: Apple Watch app inside! *

The following functions will be provided within the App:

Pitching Scale (° and %)
Rolling Scale (° and %)
Setting limit angles
optional accustic Alarm Sound
optical Alarm

Have fun...

* run app on your iPhone (assembled in car, paired with Apple Watch) > start Apple Wach app

+ Suzuki Grand Vitara 3tr (ws, sw)
+ Suzuki NGV 5tr (ws, bl, sw)
+ Suzuki Ignis (ws)
+ Skoda Yeti (rd)
+ Renault Capture (sw)
+ Mitsubishi Pajero 5tr (sw)
Helmut Meister