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Kural App provides an interface exclusively designed for exploring Kurals on touch devices. Kural App has icons designed to denote Categories, sections and subsections. Kural Interpretations of four different authors in Tamil & English can be found on the App. Olingoa and English poetic translations are also available for all Kurals. If you want to get inspired; quote appropriate kurals for your speech or articles; learn a master piece in Tamil literature; understand the past, present and future from a wise man’s 2000 year-old sayings- Congratulations! You have landed in the right space. This is the app you’ve been looking for.

Key Features :
* Exclusive Interface for Exploring Kurals
* Tap star to add kurals to your favourite list
* Shake your iPhone to view your fav kurals
* Browse kurals by category, sub class & chapter names
* Search kurals with a Tamil or English word
* Search kural by number (eg. search 482 for 482nd kural)
* Search kurals by range (eg. search 35-115)
* Share kurals on social networks
* Four different interpretations available
* Tap on interpreter icon to get their interpretation
* Tap Olingoa tab to read kural in English phonetics
* Tap English tab to read poetic translation of kural
* Swipe-left the kural to read the simplified version of kural
* Online & Offline search available
* Online search offers power of our kural engine for efficient search
* Offline search offers simple keyword search

Detailed Description:
Kural App is the best app to explore Thirukural, a collection of 1330 couplets categorized into various topics. Thirukural penned by Valluvar, 2000 years ago, is one of the masterpieces in Classical Tamil literature. Every Kural is 2 lines and 7 words in length. Four words in the first line and three in the second. 1330 kurals are classified under 133 chapters under three broad classes: Aram(Virtue), Porul(Principles) and Inbam(Love).

Each of the 1330 kurals have less than 140 characters. Kurals are tweet friendly. Thirukural is also called as the ‘Universal Book of Principles’. The principles in Thirukural are relevant to every human being on the planet irrespective of country, religion or language.

Kural App was designed with the new generation teenager in mind. Light weight application, simple yet powerful search and eye-friendly interface elements make KuralApp the apt app to explore Kurals.

The search in Kural App works in two modes: Online and Offilne. When you are connected to the internet, the online mode is activated. You can experience the power of our searching and ranking algorithm over multi-indexed kurals and interpretations. In offline mode, you can search for simple keywords in kurals and interpretations.

You can tap on the star icon in kural page to add the kural to your favourites. You can tap the star icon in the menu to access your favourite kurals.

This application is designed and developed by Karky Research Foundation.
Karky Research Foundation