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• Builds you a personalised cycling training plan that adapts to your busy life
• Track your rides indoors and outside
• Power and heart rate based indoor and outdoor workouts
• Training advice and guidance backed with elite coaching experience

• Your training plan is built around your training goals or upcoming cycling events - anything from your first club ride, Gran Fondo, Sportive or 100 miler, to this year's race calendar.

• Track rides using Kudo Coach, or other platforms like Garmin, Wahoo, Polar or Strava; all your ride data is collected, analysed and used to update your training plan.

• Most cycling training plans are way too prescriptive, inflexible, and leave you feeling unmotivated. Kudo Coach is different - it helps you stay on track with simple to follow daily and weekly goals that adapt to your busy life.

• The pros might have 8 hours a day to train - but you don’t. Kudo Coach optimises your limited training time for maximum performance gains.

• Track your rides with the Kudo Coach app on your bars as your bike computer or head unit, or from your pocket

• Track all your data in realtime as you ride, from speed, distance and elevation using GPS tracking, to heart rate, power, cadence and training load from your connected Bluetooth training devices, and your Apple Watch (integrating with Apple Health app)

• Compatible with Bluetooth smart trainers and turbo trainers for tracking your rides indoors

• Suggests the most effective workout from a library of over 1,000 proven, structured indoor and outdoor workouts, based on where you are in your training plan, your recent ride data, and details of your upcoming events and training goals.

• Connects to your Bluetooth heart rate monitor, power meter, speed/cadence device and smart trainer. Also connects to your Apple Watch to record heart rate during your workouts by integrating with the Apple Health app

• Controls your smart trainer in ERG mode

• Periodically recommends a fitness test workout to track progress towards your training goals.

• Personalised and timely training advice and tips from Oli Beckingsale, 3 times Olympic cyclist and in-house pro-cycling coach.

• Helps you understand the sports science behind your training plan, making you a faster more effective cyclist, better able to reach your training goals.

Kudo Coach will have a bigger impact on your performance than all your other cycling purchases combined, and for a fraction of the cost, or your money back. Give it a spin with a 14 day free trial. No adverts - cancel anytime.

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