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KTdict C-E

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KTdict C-E

Easy to use and fast Chinese dictionary with reader, OCR and flashcards. Perfect tool for your study of the Chinese language or your visit to China. No subscription and no internet connection required. Runs on iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad.

Detailed features:

Search: Includes the data of the CC-CEDIT, HanDeDict and CFDict dictionaries with over 100,000 entries each. Search using English/German/French, Chinese characters and Hanyu Pinyin. Use Chinese handwriting recognition or voice input of iOS to enter Chinese easily.

Reader: Import Chinese texts and get with a single tap translations of unknown words and characters.

OCR: Take pictures of printed Chinese texts and use optical character recognition to help with translation.

Flashcards: Add words from the dictionary to vocabulary lists and share them across your iOS devices with iCloud. Import vocabulary lists from .csv files (e. g. Numbers or EXCEL).

Trainer: Learn vocabulary from the dictionary as well as self-entered words. Build on the Leitner system, the flashcard trainer helps you maintaining steady study habits by creating daily learning sets.

Flashcards and trainer require a single, one-time in-app purchase. Reader and OCR are not available on Apple Watch.

Acknowledgments: KTdict C-E includes the data of CC-CEDICT (, HanDeDict (, CFDict ( and the Unihan database (

Please contact us at [email protected] with any questions or inputs.
Klaus Thul