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Koolsite Insurance Anywhere

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Koolsite Insurance Anywhere

This Koolsite® App allows insurers, brokers and their clients to manage their portfolio providing complete mobility.

• Browse clients by code, name, others
• Detailed consult of client record
…Take a picture and store it in the database
…Display an image stored in the database
…Address data and map
…Contact details, including email and telephone numbers
…Data from the database can be used to:
…Make a phone call
…Send an SMS
…Send an email
…Add to the device contact list
• Consult data associated to the client:
…Insurance policies
…Request an account balance to be shown in a PDF document
…Digital documents
…General consult of insurance policies
…General consult of receipts: pending, issued or cancelled in a given period of time
…Consult a portfolio summary, both for policies and receipts
• Notifications: receive and view
... Automatic login, list of Domains/Users
...New entry menu with all options available in a single window

Available Languages: English-Spanish-Italian-Portuguese
Koolsite IT Solutions, S.r.l.