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Do you have a smartwatch?
Learn how to better cope with stress!
Do it with science-based physical activities.
Get your personal plan right form your smartwatch.

Start your journey now!
1. Get your personal Stress Coping Skills report
2. Get your personal plan. Daily activities take only a few minutes.
3. Level up your Stress Coping Skills and feel better!

Kokoro is finally here and it has a revolutionary new approach to cope better with stress, leaning on Biopsychology and Behavioural Psychology sciences.
Using the biometric data from your smartwatch, Kokoro creates a tailored plan of daily physical activities to help you improve your mental wellbeing.

Analyzing your heart rate, movement throughout the day, and sleep patterns, Kokoro then gives you simple, attainable physical activities that will improve your emotional balance, resilience, self-esteem, drive, focus, and self-care.

Subscribe now to receive:

* Your own hyper-personalized development plan: updated with daily tasks that will help you become the best version of yourself possible!

*The ability to begin immediately: Kokoro analyzes the historical data from your smartwatch to be able to begin working as soon as you download it.

*An ongoing analysis and chat to unlock your mental well-being: focusing on self-care, resilience, drive, self-image, focus, and emotional balance.

* Ongoing support and encouragement: Kokoro gets to know you seamlessly and with you the whole time, and the great thing is that you are not required to log everything...

Kokoro is for everyone!
Kokoro doesn’t require you to go through a health plan or have a referral to download it.

The app requires permission for the Health app. We use your heart rate and steps data to calculate your hyper-personalized tasks everyday.

All training in the app fully comply with the WHO guidelines that can be found here

Disclaimer: The app should not be used as a replacement for professional treatment or guidance. If you are concerned about your symptoms you should consult a medical professional.

== 7 days free trial, then renewable subscription. Subscription is required to unlock the full experience. ===
Mor Segal