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Koala Nap:Stop Apnea & Snoring

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Koala Nap:Stop Apnea & Snoring

Koala Nap improves overall life quality and your relationship with your spouse.

Koala Nap achieves this by actively reducing snoring, which in turn reduces tension with your spouse and improves both of your sleep quality.

Besides showing how much you snored at night, Koala Nap actively reduces snoring. When snoring is detected you will receive a notification every two seconds.
The notification can be configured to vibrate or make a sound on your iPhone or Apple Watch encouraging you to change your sleep position.

Once snoring isn't detected anymore the vibrations will stop automatically!

Great news!

Apple has approved Koala Nap for usage of Critical Alerts allowing the vibrations to override the Do Not Disturb setting!
Make sure to allow Critical Alerts in the apps settings, and you're good to go.

We also added Siri support, allowing custom automations!

Koala Naps advanced snore detection utilises the latest MACHINE LEARNING algorithms, and large data set of snoring sounds. The result is an accurate detection of snoring, ignoring non snoring background sounds, for example baby crying, motor sounds etc'.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Koala Nap is designed to detect real snoring sounds and patterns, meaning that trying to fake snoring sounds simply will not work. We recommend using it over night and check out the results in the morning. If there seems to be a problem with real snore detection, please send a support email from within the app or from our site

Koala Nap is GDPR compliant in the European region!

Download Koala Nap now!

Koala Nap offers a 7 DAY FREE TRIAL, cancel any time within the trial period without getting billed. You only pay for Koala Nap if you find it helpful in reducing snoring, so don't be afraid to try it out.


If using an apple watch start here:

• Enable Notifications and critical alerts when asked, or from the iPhone under Settings -> Koala -> Notifications menu.
• Enable Sounds and Badges from the same menu.
• In the Watch app on the device make sure to mirror alerts under Notifications -> Koala.
• In the watch app on the iPhone, under Sounds & Haptics, enable Haptic Alerts.
• We recommend setting the watch setting to Do Not Disturb and theater mode by swiping the watch from bottom up and choosing those settings. This will assure that other notifications will not vibrate and the screen won't turn on when moving the watch at night.
• Test the vibrations from Koala Naps settings menu located on the top right. After tapping the Send Notification button, lock the iPhone. Make sure the Koala Nap on the watch is closed, and 5 seconds later you should receive a vibrating notification on the watch.
• Tip: If the vibration isn’t strong enough, you can rotate the watch around your wrist to a more sensitive spot.

If no watch is being used start here:

• Before going to sleep tap the start button on the iPhone.
• Lock the iPhone and close Koala Nap on the apple watch.
• In the morning tap the stop button on the iPhone.
• A summary should pop up showing the amount of snoring throughout the night, and on the iPhone or Apple Watch snore detection notifications should appear.
• If a watch was being used, tap on the watch icon in the summary in order to remember that the session was used with a watch. In the future you can look back to sessions where the watch was used and compare them to sessions where the watch wasn't used.

---For best results---

Use the app a few times as the snore detection is based on machine learning which increases in accuracy the more the app is used. Make sure to allow uploading snore samples in the app settings, which are used for training the snore detection algorithm.

Try to reduce background noise for example TV, radio or other loud devices.

Make sure to enable internet when the app launches, in order to update the snore detection algorithm. Keep the app version up to date.

Good and quiet night :)
Ronen Harati