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Introducing "Knitty - Knitting Row Counter," your ultimate companion for knitting and crochet projects, conveniently accessible on your Apple Watch. This app simplifies your crafting experience by offering dual counters to meticulously track your rows, stitches, increases, decreases, and pattern repeats. Effortlessly manage your knitting or crochet endeavors by adding, editing, or removing projects through a user-friendly interface.

Bid farewell to misplaced paper counts and embrace more knitting or crocheting time with your marvelous creations. "Knitty" is designed to enhance your crafting workflow, allowing you to focus fully on your art.

We eagerly await your feedback and suggestions to further refine "Knitty" and make your knitting or crocheting journey even better.

Happy Crafting!

Features include:

Project management capabilities: Create, Modify, or Delete
Intuitive addition/removal counter
User-centered design for an optimal experience
A manual counting feature for precise control, super easy and simple user experience
An ad and audio free experience. Lets you enjoy your session in any way you'd like, be it listening to your favorite music, or podcasts. Or having a great conversation with a friend.

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Tobias Helsing