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Maybe you're the kind of knitter that always has things in order. You'd love nothing better than to set up each row of a pattern before you even cast on. Or maybe you're the type that dives in with abandon... but would love a lifeline to easily get started again, no matter how long that shawl or hat or intricate baby sweater has been lost in the bottom of your bag.

Either way or somewhere in between, Knitamus is designed for you.

Each Knitamus project can have as many pieces as you need (for sleeves, front, and back, for instance). And each piece has a single counter so you always know which row you're on. Easily display as many PDF pages or chart photos as you need in the special chart window with an adjustable highlight bar that remembers each row. You can quickly page through to set the highlight for every row before you even start, including repeating highlights, or you can just get started and each row will be remembered as you go in case you knit it again. Easily add notes, repeating or not, to any row at any time.

iCloud sync allows you to work on your iPhone when you're out and about, or enjoy the larger space of your iPad when it's available.

The Ravelry connection keeps your photos and project status up-to-date automatically.

The Apple Watch app will display notes and repeat information for current projects found in your iCloud account, or you can use it as a simple counter without iCloud.

I hope you enjoy Knitamus! Please share the love by leaving a review on the App Store and contact me by email with any questions or concerns.

Happy knitting!

Knitamus is designed and built by an avid knitter, with gratitude for ideas and support from wonderful knitting friends.

Projects that appear in the screenshots were knit from or inspired by the following published patterns:
Forest Owl by Natalia Moreva of Kulabra Design
O.W.L. Mittens by Celeste Young
Tomten Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmermann
Ribbon Drop Scarf by Wendy Ellis
The Almost Lost Washcloth by Julie Tarsha
Tiny Trees Baby Vest by Kylie Bates
What There's Time For LLC