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Connect to everything with One Magical KloudGin UI layer, which is Native on Mobile and html5 for desktop.
It is a single place for your business users to interact natively with all your enterprise data in an online or offline mode. It integrates data from multiple sources, is easy to configure, and leverages data where it lies.

Single Stack for All your Business Processes: BI, Transactions, Multimedia, Device features, Collaboration and OFFLINE. Single Native APP iOS (NO mobile coding) and Desktop.

Define once: Deploy on multiple devices. Cloud based Integration Engine & Adaptors to common enterprise source systems. Integrated with Single Sign-ON & Mobile Device Management.

Key Benefits

- Rapidly modernize your existing systems in weeks as it can layer on top of your existing systems
- NO mobile coding required. NO additional cloud integration software needed
- NO Hardware. NO Software. No Upgrades Ever
- NO worrying about Mobile OS upgrades
- Entire User Experience is built native for Mobile and not retrofitted from desktop
- Single Mobile APP for all your business processes
- Common look and Feel across All your business processes
- KloudGin Enables business capabilities for your Employees, Contractors, Partners and Customers that makes it faster and easier to work when outside the traditional office setting, resulting in lower cost and increased revenue, customer & employee satisfaction
- Eliminates the need to have separate tools for doing BI, Transactions, Multimedia, Collaboration, Device features and Offline etc.

- KloudGin allow your business processes to:
-- follow the flow in which a user works
-- rather than the flow these transactions systems were bought

KloudGin is your business user's personal mobile & desktop experience and is filled with the things they care about. Business users consume enterprise data in a natural style that is easy and intuitive. All aspects of a data including analytics, transactions, multimedia, collaboration, device features & offline are now available in one UI abstraction layer.

The App can use background location feature.
Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
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