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KLD Smart Living

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KLD Smart Living

This app is based on the I.O.T platform because of which you do not require additional chunky wiring , extra panels etc , which is a basic necessity for majority of the automation systems . Our automation products are made in such a way that they are ready to be connected to the source just like you connect a normal device. The app works on SAAS(software as solution ) technology , which allows you to prompt your desired command or commands for a product or a group of products.

Using this App , you can operate almost all of your electric appliances like air conditioner , fan , television , all kinds of lights , security systems etc .

You can form various scene modes in your automated space for daily as well as occasional routines , which can be controlled via this app . This app helps you make your automated space completely customizable in every sense according to your taste and perfection .

Kld Smart Living , one step solution for all your automation needs.
Kumar Kundal