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Kitchen Dial

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Kitchen Dial

How many of us struggle with "kitchen math?"

Don't you just wish there was an app that could easily do the conversion for you? The Kitchen Dial app makes cooking and measuring so much easier. How come?

This is the most intuitive touch enabled app with big beautiful radial dials with images for converting units. Now cook and stir in one hand and do the conversions in the other hand. Touch the dials and just rotate away. How simple is that?! Unlike other dial apps, there is no limit on the numbers you can enter to convert.

Conversion Include
• Pints
• Gallons
• Cups
• Grams
• Pinch
• Teaspoon
• Tablespoon
• Quartz
• Liters
• Milliliters
• Ounces
• Celsius
• Fahrenheit

There are no ads of any kind within this app

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Saliha Bhutta