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KiraOutD accompanies you in your leisure activities. No matter whether you want to go hiking, mountain hiking, mountaineering, Nordic walking, running or cross-country skiing, plan a road bike, trekking bike or mountain bike tour (or training session) - KiraOutD supports you. Capture the beautiful moments of your leisure activity and create a personal log book of your tour.

Every leisure activity you undertake with KiraOutD is automatically saved. This gives you an overview of all activities and, in retrospect, you can sum up how 'easy' or 'difficult' this tour or training session was for you. And if you liked this tour, go on a tour with the recorded track and share it with friends or the community.

You are looking for new tracks for an after-work tour, for your weekend tour or you are looking for some interesting tours for your vacation. Download tours from the KiraOutD Cloud or import your own tracks that you received from friends or downloaded from the Internet.

Use the community and become part of this community. With your published tours and those of other KiraOutD users, the offer in the cloud grows and with it the chance that you will find new and interesting tours to follow.

GPS for determining the location and current speed.

Automatic pause detection

Support of Bluetooth sensors
- for heart rate,
- Speed ​​and cadence for cycling activities

Barometric determination of elevation gain and decline

Use your Apple Watch (if available) to control KiraOutD or to display current values ​​- even if your iPhone is stowed in the backpack. Your Apple Watch can also be used as a heart rate transmitter.

The map version from Apple is available in the free version. A high-resolution, topographic map can be subscribed to as an annual subscription with automatic renewal (in-app purchase). With the topographic, vector-based map, you can also be away from the network coverage. Download the map section required for your planned day tour locally to your iPhone (offline maps are not supported with Apple Maps).

Import and export of tracks in GPX format

With the iCloud option (in-app purchase in a bundle with the topographic map as an annual subscription with automatic renewal)
- All your activities and tours in the private area are additionally secured in the Apple Cloud.
- Your activities and tours are synchronized across multiple iPhones so that you have the same status on all your devices.
- KiraOutD supports Apple's iCloud Drive. - you can share your tours with friends, like-minded people and / or partners.
- you can publish your tours in the cloud.

Regardless of the iCloud option, you can search for tours in the KiraOutD Cloud and download them to your iPhone.

Your tours or shared tours can be 'followed up' at any time.

The screen saver can be switched off for 15 minutes or, if necessary, completely.
Depending on the type of your activity, KiraOutD collects relevant data including location every 5 seconds.

The data of your activity can be transferred to the Apple Health app and is visible there as training. Personal data on weight and date of birth can be taken from the Apple Health app.

Topographic Maps & iCloud - annual subscription with automatic renewal for 9.99€ / Year

Subscriptions will be applied to your iTunes account. Subscriptions will automatically renew unless canceled within 24-hours before the end of the current period. You can cancel anytime with your iTunes account settings. More information:
Alois Lohner