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Kinsella Wellness

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Kinsella Wellness

Want one-on-one personal training and be part of a supportive community that share your goals? Kinsella Wellness is a hub for health that takes the guesswork out of fitness. Move your body in your own time, in your own environment with your own equipment, knowing your bespoke programme is your personal blueprint for success.

No matter where you are now, I work with you, your unique posture, mechanics, goals and stage of life to design the best exercise programme suited to you. You'll receive carefully designed, unique solutions backed by science and supported by your trainer and community at Kinsella Wellness.

Your membership includes:
Access to your personalised training programmes and workout tracking, in-app messaging with your trainer, a subscription to a forum with others in the same boat, workout-of-the-day and other weekly bonuses, sustainable habit building, nutrition guidance, bi-weekly check-ins for programme updates.

New Apple Watch Features:
Start workouts on the go, and track habits — right from your wrist.
Use your watch to quickly check off scheduled habits, stay in touch with daily to-dos, automatically track your workouts, sync your sleep patterns and steps via the Health app, and celebrate personal bests with award badges.
Now you can do even more on the go, with us right by your side.

At Kinsella Wellness, everyone is welcome. Community groups grow organically, from muscle builders and pre and postnatal women to golfers with lower back pain and those returning to exercise. Connect with like-minded people with the same goals and ambitions. Join the KW community today. We can't wait to meet you.
Kinsella Wellness