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The KinesiaU™ motor assessment system is a validated medical consumer app for individuals to track their Parkinson’s disease or essential tremor symptoms using an iPhone and Apple Watch. The system, based on Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies' Kinesia technology, tracks tremor, slowness, and dyskinesia as well as therapies and activities in user-friendly reports patients can view on their iPhone. Additionally, clinicians can view patient data in real-time through the KinesiaU provider portal. This can help patients and clinicians make better care decisions and identify therapies and activities to improve their symptoms. The KinesiaU motor assessment system is currently cleared for sale in the USA, UK, EU, and Canada.
Watch app must be installed prior to running KinesiaU app. See for a list of known compatible devices and additional details.
Please note that full use of the KinesiaU app requires clinician approval (e.g., prescription).
KinesiaU uses the HealthKit API to access motion data and Apple ID for authentication.
KinesiaU is a trademark of Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies of Independence, OH, USA
Great Lakes Neurotechnologies