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Kikelio Challenge

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Kikelio Challenge

Kikelio Challenge™ offers you a new mobile fighting game. Your goal is to challenge a boss within an arena embodying a balloon equiped with projectiles. Attack your opponent to deflate him and blow him up before him.

After entering a battle, here are the rules:
1. Kick on the glove button to attack. You can charge your attack too.
2. You will be automatically assigned a weapon.
3. Tap on this weapon to send it on the opponent.
4. Defend yourself by tapping with the right timing on the defense button. Heal yourself thanks to a perfect timing!
5. Refill your balloon with air by repeatedly tapping on the button.

This game was made in Paris, France in 2018 with passion by the Cardioid Games studio.

An issue or a bug? Do not hesitate to contact us at the address: [email protected]

See you soon on the Kikelio Challenge game!
Cardioid Games