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Kick Faster

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Kick Faster

Are you a fighter and doing a kick or punch martial arts?
Kick Faster is your app!

Kick Faster can measure your reaction time or how fast you can kick and hit.

If you practice Taekwondo, Karate, Boxing, UFC or any other MMA sport, you will love this app!
Kick Faster works very well and makes you feel good while exercising.
Your training partner or trainer wears the Apple Watch on his wrist and holds the target in the same hand.
After the start button is pressed, a beep sounds in a period of between 1 and 10 seconds. This preserves the surprise effect and helps to increase your reaction time.
As soon as the beep sounds, the timer starts and measures the time to within a millisecond! Touching the target, the timer stops and shows you the achieved performance. On "R" the timer can be reset, whereby your best time is automatically saved.
You will get an absolute restart as soon as you click "R.BEST".

Remember, the display must be turned on and the Apple Watch should not be in "silent" mode.
this app work only on a IWatch
Wahid Mahsene