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KeyPlus is an automated rent management system. KeyPlus
is an integrated system designed with simplicity in mind. It provides many 1st-in-the-market
total solutions for property management company, homestay/ short stay operator
as well as any owner/ landlord renting out their property(ies).

KeyPlus system provides a total rent management solution
by combining Proptech + Fintech + IoT under one integrated platform. KeyPlus
provides access management by integrating with IoT Smart lock system, innovative
payment solution with auto rental collection (ARC) system, on-the-go tenant
management over the cloud, smart energy meter as well as automated administration

KeyPlus aims to disrupt and redefine the rent management
market by leveraging latest technology to fully automate the rent management
system, makes the business sustainable and scalable. By using KeyPlus
platform, we can minimize the administration work by 90%, and tri-fold our business
with even lesser resources.

KeyPlus platform, a complete rent solutions.
Seng Hee Lee