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KeyDino is the only Bitcoin Cash app you need to get fully involved in the Bitcoin community. KeyDino is a standalone Bitcoin Cash client, connecting directly to the bitcoin network with no central servers. All keys to your Bitcoin Cash are held only by you securely on your device. At no point in time does KeyDino have access to your funds, nor do you need to rely on KeyDino to send and receive Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Cash is meant to be spent, and KeyDino will help you spend your money as easily and securely as possible.

KeyDino allows Bitcoin Cash users to simply be users, giving them complete access to Bitcoin Cash without having to worry about any complexities of the Bitcoin network. Your funds are backed up using a simple 12 word recovery phrase. If your phone is lost or damaged all your Bitcoin Cash can be recovered with these simple 12 words.


- No hidden servers
- Send and receive Bitcoin Cash simply and instantly
- Single paper key is all that's needed to backup your wallet
- Private keys never leave your device
- AES hardware encryption, app sandboxing, and keychains protect your Bitcoin Cash
- Save a memo for each transaction (off-chain)
- Supports importing [password protected]
Brendan Mahon