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Kettlebell workout hiit wod

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Kettlebell workout hiit wod

Here are 4 reasons you need kettlebell workouts:

1 - Kettlebell exercises strengthen cardiovascular and respiratory systems and contains weight-lifting exercises - there are no difference between workout and real life.

2 - Kettlebell exercises don’t need a lot of time - nowadays everyone lacks of time.

3 - Kettlebell workouts increase strength and endurance - ability to carry quick clonus during long-term period.

4 - Kettlebell workouts won’t allow you to miss the training - because kettlebell doesn’t need a lot of space, you can workout wherever you want.

The app contains 9 workout sections and every section has 15 workouts and none is repeated.

And also:
- Every exercise has detailed description, photo and video instruction;
- After finishing workout you can share your results on Facebook, twitter and other social networks.

The application supports Health app:
At your request, the data on completed training will be automatically added to the Health app.

Let your trainings will be productive and efficient!
Alexander Senin