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Welcome to Kernel. Your new home of entertainment.

Discover a new way to explore world of movies and series with Kernel.

· Recommendations: Kernel lets you effortlessly recommend films and series to your friends and family.

· Create Playlists: Just like music playlists but for movies and series. Create playlists of your favorite films of all time, series you want to watch with your wife, films your kids need to watch (when older), friends recommendations, etc. Your next movie night is just a playlist away!

· Stay Up-to-Date: Don't miss out on the latest releases! Kernel lets you add upcoming films and series to your playlists, sending you timely notifications as their release dates draw near.

· Explore in Depth: Dive into the world of entertainment with detailed information about films and series. Watch trailers, discover cast and crew details.

· Streaming Guide: Find out where your movie or series you want to watch is streaming. Apple TV+, Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, Disney+, HBO, and more.

· Apple Watch App: Take your playlists on the go with Apple Watch. Browse through all of your playlists and even add your favorite upcoming film as a complication on your watch face.

· Widget: Add a widget of your favorite upcoming film so every time you launch your iPhone, you'll see how many days are left.

Kernel is available English and Spanish.

Let’s keep in touch. [email protected]

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Nikias Molina