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The KentixONE APP is the mobile security and alarm center. With it, you always have an overview of the security situation of your company. The app shows you at a glance whether everything is OK and secure, or your intervention is necessary.

The KentixONE app works in conjunction with the smart Kentix IoT Security products. It informs you about critical conditions in your IT rooms, offices or other critical areas for your company. The app reports intrusions, critical environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity and many more and reports fires early. It also shows who, when and where doors have been opened, with live video images. In addition to alerting, reporting and recording critical conditions, you can also remotely open doors or lock them for people and see who is where via live video. You can arm or disarm the intrusion detection function for any area or display open windows and doors.

KentixONE is the straightforward and intuitive IoT solution that protects your business from downtime before it gets expensive.

Currently, the KentixONE app, along with the appropriate Kentix IoT hardware, integrates the following applications:

- Access Control
- environment monitoring
- Early fire detection
- Intrusion alarm
- Live video
- External fault messages
- Network Monitoring

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