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Kegel Coach

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Kegel Coach

Kegel Coach brings you the best Kegel experience on your watch with haptic feedback. Designed from the ground up for on the go usage, the beautiful app is packed with features to help you do Kegel exercises aimed at improving your sexual life.

Train your PC muscles with the exercises and gain stamina.

Features : -

1) Daily Progress - Check and reset your daily progress from the main screen. The daily progress indicates when you are done with daily targets and restricts you from going beyond the recommended number of sessions.
2) Classic Mode - In a hurry? One tap to start a new Kegel session. Automatically tracked once completed.
3) Multiple Exercises - Tired of same old Kegel and Reverse Kegel exercises? Try out 7 different yet easy to perform Kegel exercises.
4) Stats - From total sessions, to data based on exercise type. Access all your progress and stats from a single screen.
5) Guided - Instructions with minimal animations to tell you how long you have squeezed or relaxed. Get number of reps completed and left while performing the exercise.
6) How-To - Want some help on how to do Kegel exercises? Find answers to your Kegel related questions in the How-To section.
7) Haptic Feedback - Practice Kegel exercise without looking at your screen with haptic feedback.

Why should I do this?

Kegel Exercise provides a range of benefits : -

* Improve the length and intensity of your orgasms
* Better erections, works for ED
* Boost your libido and delay ejaculations.
* Achieve better erections

Get your Kegel Coach today.
Aditya Ganguly