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Keezaa | Kieser Training

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Keezaa | Kieser Training

Keezaa - the intuitive and modern app is the perfect companion for your workout with Kieser-Training®!

Attention: The Apple Watch app requires watchOS 10, so please do not install the latest version if watchOS 10 is not installed on your Apple Watch.

Conveniently create one or more workout plans on your iPhone or Apple Watch and easily adjust them over time as you wish. You can carry out your workouts conveniently with the Apple Watch. This way, you don't have to carry around the bulky clipboard and search for the nearest stopwatch.

All results achieved are reliably recorded and the history is displayed in the form of a calendar view. Training plans are color coded for better clarity and can be easily archived or newly created. Machines can be easily added and flexibly edited within a plan. If required, a plan can be exported as a PDF or CSV file.

During training with your Apple Watch, you always have an overview of the progress you have made and the total workout duration. The stopwatch function can also be used for each machine when the watch is in "always on" state. You can also conveniently control your music right from the app. When you have finished training on a particular machine, you always have the option of adjusting the recorded time and the weight for the next time.

After training, your health data, such as training duration, average heart rate and total energy burned, are displayed in a summary. Thanks to the integration of the "Health" app, training with the Keezaa app also helps to close your activity rings.

Please feel free to send us any questions, suggestions or requests for improvement.

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