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KCast Radio

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KCast Radio

What we ROCK? Pure and unadulterated: Classic ROCK To The Bone.
Remember blasting a great song in your car or at the beach with friends, having a great time, and then some ballad came on? You don’t even have to answer, we already know! That’s why we made KCast Radio. We don’t play the soft stuff, we play the ROCK stuff!

How we ROCK? With passion and personality.
We all thought it was nifty being able to tap to like or dislike songs in order to get an online “radio station;” but after a few years of tinkering around, we bet you came to the same conclusion as we did about what was missing from our computer generated playlists… Life. KCast Radio is hosted by passionate Classic Rock DJs, all die-hard fans of the music. We are Tony Kurre, Jack Ryan, James Michael Keats, and Sherry Thomas, and we’re putting the “person” back into “radio personality” and the radio personalities back into the music!

Who we ROCK? Only the best.
KCast Radio is your home for The Kurre and Klapow Show, the uniquely fresh lifestyle and social commentary program. Featuring Classic Rock radio legend Tony Kurre and clinical psychologist and regular national media psychology correspondent Dr. Josh Klapow, Ph.D, The Kurre and Klapow Show brings you killer talk radio covering topics ranging from relationships to what’s in the news. The guys keep it interesting, relevant, positive, and (mostly) light, and The Kurre and Klapow Show never misses a beat. Start your weekday off right by signing on to KCast Radio, and listen for more great shows coming soon!

Why we ROCK? For you, because you want it.
We’re here to give you the radio content you want: the best Classic Rock, engaging talk shows, and no downtime. Need a little kick to get you up in the morning? Use the KCast Radio alarm clock to get you going. It has a snooze button, too, but we bet you won’t need it. KCast Radio requires no registration to use and is always free like a real radio station should be.

Where we ROCK? Worldwide.
We’ve worked hard to make KCast Radio available for you wherever you are: at home, at school, at work, on vacation, or serving overseas. We work hard to make the music we play available wherever you are; and with only a few exceptions, KCast Radio is at your fingertips ready to ROCK. All you need is a device with KCast Radio installed and access to the Internet. Always make sure that before using KCast Radio outside of the United States you know the local law. Always feel free to contact us if you have a question about using KCast Radio outside of the United States.

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Legal Stuff. IMPORTANT!
KCast Radio is available anywhere unless otherwise prohibited by certain local laws. By using KCast Radio or accessing, you accept and agree to the KCast Radio Terms of Use––and consent to the KCast Radio Privacy Policy– You also agree that you will only use KCast Radio or for personal, non-commercial entertainment. By using KCast Radio in anyway not intended and defined by us, you accept all liability associated with the misuse.

The KCast Radio logo, icon, background artwork, and any other associated visual asset is Copyright © 2020 AFFINITY Media Group, LLC. The "KCast Radio" name is Copyright © 2020 KCommunications Inc. The KCast Radio app was developed and is maintained by us in partnership with (UK) Limited.

Please don’t hesitate to contact KCast Radio if you have any questions or concerns regarding what we define as “appropriate use” and “misuse” of the KCast Radio app or Email us at [email protected] or [email protected]

NOTE: Downloading KCast Radio may require your consent to additional terms and conditions, privacy policies, and/or end user license agreements wherever the KCast Radio app is available.
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