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kCalculator AI Calorie Counter

by Lumme
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kCalculator AI Calorie Counter

by Lumme
It’s hard to achieve lasting improvement in our weight when so much energy is spent looking up everything we eat. Now you can use your Apple Watch to estimate your calories for you. Using breakthrough A.I. that’s now possible. It interprets your hand motions to detect eating, track meals and scientifically estimate calories. Follow the simple guidelines, and watch your detection accuracy improve with each successive day of use.


Traditional calorie counting dictates that you look up everything that you eat and correctly estimate the portion size of each food item. It’s an exercise that’s difficult to stick to, and portion size estimation is highly prone to error.

Here's the secret. Of course, WHAT YOU EAT will always matter to good health, but the math on calories depends a lot on portion sizes – simply HOW MUCH YOU EAT. That's something the kCalculator measures in the form of a bite. By solving for volume first, adjusting for what you eat is surprisingly simple and effective!

• Syncs with your Apple Watch and operates in the background.
• Grows smarter by learning your gestures to passively detect eating.
• Eliminates food lookups.
• Eliminates measuring portion sizes.
• Accommodates eating with a fork, spoon or your hands.
• Automates daily calories using proven bite-based estimates.
• Automates meal diary records with time, duration and eating pace.
• Refines estimates with a simple ‘Calorie Type’ slider.
• Enables reliable long-term calorie tracking for weight management.
• Helps identify problem areas in your eating habits.
• Teaches new skills with the Mindful Eating program.
• FREE Guide: What You Need to Know About Counting Calories to Lose Weight
• FREE Download Exclusively for Apple Watch Series 4/5/6/7/SE


Once you’ve started to personalize your app to your unique gestures by verifying your eating detections and adding a gesture training session, you’ll see your detections become more accurate as well as your calorie estimates. The app learns from your inputs, so once it’s dialed-in to your liking, you can rely on it for accurate calorie tracking.

It’s also helpful to understand that all estimates of caloric consumption are just that, estimates. Even nutritional labels are permitted to be up to 20% off and are rarely audited. Put another way, even if you measured every gram of food consumed in a day, you would still be off by at least 20%, which could add up to a double cheeseburger!

Aim to make healthier choices more consistently with more meals and snacks falling into the Low energy density category.


Beverages can range from zero calories (water) to hundreds of calories (meal replacement shakes). If you consume caloric beverages such as sugary drinks, smoothies, alcoholic beverages or meal replacement shakes, your meal diary provides a very simple way to add these calories.


A wealth of data that you can use to understand and improve your eating habits is waiting to be unlocked. All it takes is wearing your Apple Watch on the hand that you use for eating. It may feel strange at first, but the human brain and body were designed to adapt to new sensations. Consider it your superpower and personal symbol of your ability to improve your health.

kCalculator for Apple Watch is Exclusively for Series 4/5/6/7/SE
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