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KBuddy 8

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KBuddy 8

KBuddy 8 is the ideal companion for Kieser Training. Regardless of whether you use the iPhone or the Apple Watch, you will receive optimal training support.

KBuddy 8 offers you the following features:

- iCloud support so that the data including the training settings are available on all your devices
- Unlimited number of training plans possible
- PDF export included:
* Adjustment (how much to increase the weight)
* Minimum/Maximum
* Pace
* Attitude
* Notes
* Change vs. the previous result
- Dynamic Type (customizable font sizes)
- Sortable exercise settings
- an exercise can be added to a training plan more than once
- Exercise settings per training plan
- Training plan changeable during an active training
- Tone/vibration feedback
- Siri feedback (voice output)
- Quick Actions
- Live activity for an ongoing workout
- Apple Watch Ultra Action Button support
- Widget support
- Light and dark mode
- Statistics
- Muscle overviews
- Support for accompanying training
- Control training reminder
- Apple Health support
- Creation of own exercises
- percentage change of all next weights and levels for a training plan (when you start training again after a long break)
- Data backup

on iOS/iPadOS:
- optional orientation lock for portrait view
- easy data transfer from KBuddy 7 (KBuddy 7 backups can be imported)

Adjustable per exercise and training plan:
- Count down
- Automatic stop: default/active/inactive and when
- Minimum/Maximum
- how to determine the next weight, based on duration or reps achieved
- Weight adjustment: relative/absolute
- pace
- trained sides: both at the same time, both individually in training or one side per training
- if both sides are not trained at the same time: optionally, the weight can only be adjusted if both sides have been trained with the same result
- Notes
- Exercise settings
- each exercise setting can also be set separately per side

KBuddy 8 runs on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.
Oleg Mueller