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For women who want to pregnant, and it support to you with doctor.

Show ovulation date by input your basal body temperature and the physiology day daily.
Recording data can share with hospital which are using KARADAkarada.
And, You can use app as health care as it can record other data.
ex: weight, body fat percentage, BMI etc.

Basic Features
- Prediction of the probability of breast cancer occurrence based on health check results -
Free campaign!
By answering 43 questions such as blood test results and lifestyle habits, we predict the probability of breast cancer occurrence within 4 years by AI.

- Record your health data in Karada-note -
basal body temperature, period, weight, result of ovulation test, sex, visit hospital, injection, take medicine, memo, photo.

- Calculate automatically from input data -
BMI is important with balanced body.
BMI and lean body mass are calculate automatically from input data.

- Send data with wireless -
If you have the TDK's thermometer, it can send data with wireless.

- Predict ovulation and period -
Show date easy to pregnant with count down.

- Share Karada-note -
If hospital using KARADAkarada, you can share your recording data.

- Show on graph -
You can see on graph of recording data.

- Print out -
Data can print out which has max 3 month.

- Hospital search -
You can find matching hospital to you.

- Notify from hospital -
Show Notification from hospital which using this app.
ex: seminar, closed day etc.

- Cooperate with Apple healthcare app -
Save automatically to Apple healthcare app.

About option "Direct message"
This service for hospital.

- Option: Direct message -
Pay monthly: $50 per month
If you buy this, you can send message to your patient directly.
You can get free trial period while 1 month if you buy it at the first time.
If you cancel while free trial period, it will be canceled, no charge.
If you buy while free trial, it will lost remaining free trial period.

- Restore when phone changed -
You can restore free when you change model.
(from setting -> charged version) Login with same account to iTunes which has bought this app.

- Confirm and cancel -
Settings > user name > iTunes and App Store > Apple ID
Select "KARADAKarada".
You can confirm, cancel, setting or knowing when is renewal on this screen.

- About continue to charge automatically -
If you don't cancel end of period before 24 hours, it will renewal contract period.
renewal of automatic charge will be within 24 hours after end of period.

- Attention -
- You can't cancel without these way if you bought by In App Purchase.
- We reject about cancel within free trial period.
- It will be charged by iTunes account.

- Terms of service

- Privacy policy