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Kanji Garden Japanese

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Kanji Garden Japanese

Designed for Japanese second-language learners. Whether you're learning your first kanji, or skip 2000 you've already mastered to start, it adapts to your knowledge level and time commitments.


Set a goal of how many kanji you'd like to learn each day. The app creates a personalized study plan based on what memories you need to strengthen, based on proven learning techniques like spaced repetition.

Kanji you forget will be reviewed more often, while enough correct reviews will fill up its progress ring—which means you won't review it again for a full year. This allows you to maintain progress for hundreds and even thousands of kanji at once, while maintaining a reasonable amount to study each day.


Get tested on all the common readings for each kanji. Kanji Garden uses vocabulary words made of kanji you've already learned to test in context. Multiple choice answers include commonly confused answers to help you catch your mistakes. Or type in kanji readings to practice Japanese input.


Kanji Garden is built on a simple idea: Learn all the components for a kanji first. When you can break down a character into its components, even kanji with many strokes become easy to recognize. Plus it enables you to take advantage of phono-semantic components that give hints at what the character means, and what it sounds like:

建: Build
健: Health (亻:Person + 建:Build)
鍵: Key (金:metal + 建:Build)

Here, 建 is a phonetic component. Now you know all three have the same on'yomi ケン (ken)!

There's also a heavy focus on easily confused kanji. Kanji Garden teaches these characters together and tests you on their differences to ensure you know how to differentiate them from the start, saving a lot of pain down the road.

料: Material
科: Department


Visualize your unlocked kanji history or upcoming reviews on the graph. Track your learning streak and earn grace days as you study more. Time travel through your learning history, and save a wallpaper image or animated video of your current progress.
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