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Kanji Apocalypse

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Kanji Apocalypse

Find out why this app is one of the fastest growing kanji learning methods. It's a game that teaches you Japanese kanji and it's shock full of puzzle-solving action.

Kanji Apocalypse will put a smile on your face while studying kanji; learn 2.000 kanji within a year.

Want to travel to Japan and impress by reading the restaurant menu, use the Tokyo subway like a native or be a part of the amazing Japanese social circles? Kanji Apocalypse will help you reach all your goals.

Japanese is hieroglyphic which, with other methods, makes it much more difficult to keep up the motivation. Kanji Game uses a unique mix of deck-building and rogue-like elements known only to game designers to keep the game fun.

* Fun and effective
* The more you play, the more content you will unlock. You'll be able to unlock a range of cards from various paths
* 20+ cards to unlock
* Customised game sessions by the Game AI to help keep the game fun
* Excellent complement to Genki/WaniKani for those days when the motivation is low
* Deep game mechanics with card combos to keep the game fresh for months or even years
* Track your progress
* Full of optional puzzle-solving action
* 2.000+ kanjis to play through, more than enough to read Japanese newspapers!
* Great for studying all the way up to JLPT N2 (Japanese-Language Proficiency Test)

What the world is saying about The Roguelike:

"Not gonna lie, it is a fun game. :) The graphics are tidy and the combos you can make still really blows my mind. Didn't think an educational game could be this fun." - Sharlotte Tuckeycjqry

"Tried [Redacted] but it wasn't for me, this however is something I am behind! Playing this since two months back and it is finally something that I keep returning to. The core game play is fun, the rewards with new cards, and the combinations!" - Leshaunda Cockerjl

"u have to be a real masochist to like this game. 5/5" - Lisa R.
Daniel Oberg