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Kana Origin

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Kana Origin

This is an app for learning Japanese Kana, but it's more than that.

- Origins
Starting from the origins, we will take you through the origins of Japanese kana and its relationship with kanji, helping you to better understand and distinguish these kana.

- Quick Search
The Quick Checklist will help you quickly find the kana, date and number you want to know when you need it.

- Learning
A learning style that incorporates multiple memory modes for intensive review based on the forgetting curve and proficiency level. And you can learn some useful Japanese words in line with your learning progress.

In the latest version, an Apple Watch version has been added, so you can get something out of it anytime, anywhere.

- Test
Reinforce your memory of unfamiliar kana through spelling.

- Words
Enhance your memory and understanding of words with vivid 3D models

More features are in the works. You can send an email to [email protected] to give your feedback.
楷雯 周