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KalWoche+ the quicker Calendar

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KalWoche+ the quicker Calendar

Scroll through the calendar with the Digital Crown. Count days between now and a selected date. Add x days / weeks / months / years to that selected date and see the number of days since today. Multiple watch face complications including weekday, week of year, date.

1. Practical calendar for quickly scrolling through time month by month with the Digital Crown.
- What weekday is April 1st? When is week 18? Which week of the year is beginning of November? → Just scroll until you see.
- How long until date x? → Simply scroll, tap, see.

2. date calculator: add days, weeks, months or years from today or the selected date and the result is displayed as a date with weekday and calendar week. In addition, the duration from today or the selected date until then is displayed.

3. Clean watchface complications help to always keep the current weekday, date and week of year in view. Find your perfect fit with numerous options.
Matthias Deuschl