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Did you ever want to listen to your favorite songs from the past three years? How about having your top five artists in one playlist? Kaign’s filters are here to make that and more happen, in the most convenient way:

1st filter - All songs with at least 4 stars released after 2014
2nd filter - All songs from a list of artists names.

Kaign features a visual filters editor which lets you create the above filters quickly and intuitively.

Once applied to your library, Kaign filters returns a playlist of songs matching your criteria. You could start listening to the playlist right away or save it as a dynamic playlist, which will get updated as you add and/or remove songs from your library that match its criteria.

Because Kaign filters are not linked to any music provider, they are completely portable and sharable. You can share any filter you’ve created with your entourage via email or AirDrop. Once received on any apple device (iPad, iPhone, Mac) which has Kaign installed, the filter will automatically open and is ready to be saved and used.

The usability of Kaign filters is almost unlimited. You can combine more than one filter both inclusively or exclusively on any Music library (Apple and Spotify currently supported) as Kaign relies on meta tags to apply filters. These meta tags could be in any language available in Unicode. Simply, you can filter by genres, titles and artists’ names in English, Korean, Japanese, Punjab, Russian, Persian, Romanian, Afrikaans, Arabic, Latin, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Tasmanian, Mandarin, Polish, Bulgarian, Croatian, Serbian, Dutch, etc. We are working hard to translate the Kaign interface in as many languages as we can.
Francois-Michel Schumaker