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Kaign is the iOS music player that let you capture your mood and musical tastes into filters that can be applied to your iTunes, Spotify or Apple Music library. You can even share them with family and friends. Kaign lets you create tracks lists in a flash using its unique filters

◆ Listen to your music your way with Kaign music player. Mix and match genres and artists to suit your mood. Discover hidden gems in your music collection using the advanced filters. Apply filters for songs you want to listen to, or songs you want to exclude. Blend multiple filters for a totally customized playlist.

◆ Kaign supports Apple Watch - the filters you create on your phone can be applied from your wrist with a tap of a button.

◆ Instantly filter by multiple fields with Kaign’s visual filter editor. Create unique tracks lists to suit the mood, moment and/or place. Filter by: Artist (including featuring), title, album, Genre, Composer, Producer, Writer & Release Date and even BPM.

◆ Share your filters with family and friends using AirDrop, iMessage, email or on your favourite social media.

◆ Release date preset - sort and group your music by release date, then quickly skip between years using the quick jump feature of iOS tables.

◆ Live track lists - Rich track lists auto-update as your collection grows. Never fumble with your playlists again.

◆ Apple Watch Shortcuts - Assign a shortcut in Kaign on your Apple Watch to your favourite trackslist or filter for a quick and convenient access from your wrist.

◆ iCloud Backup - Save your filters to iCloud and restore them from any of your device anywhere with an internet connection.

◆ Ease of use - Kaign is intuitively crafted, simple and functional. It makes extensive use of iOS tables for a consistent and convenient experience for iOS users.
Francois-Michel Schumaker