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Kaeos Anywhere

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Kaeos Anywhere

KAEOS Anywhere pairs you with an elite personal trainer to work with remotely. When you sign up, you’ll be paired with one of our expert personal trainers. KAEOS Anywhere automatically detects your sets, counts your reps, and analyzes your form - making sure your trainer is fully in the loop, at all times.

Whether you are just getting started, wanting to change up your workouts, or looking for the most advanced gym and fitness technology, our trainers will be there to support you in achieving your fitness goal.

The first month of KAEOS Anywhere is completely free. No contracts, no BS - we deliver value from day 0.

Major Features:

- Automatically tracks every workout right from your wrist
- Video consultations and in-app chat with your own elite personal trainer
- Live, in-workout feedback and tips
- Explosiveness, fatigue, form, power output, heart rate, and calories burned tracked on every rep
- Customized workout planner based on your experience level, workout frequency, workout location, goal, and progress
- 1-Rep Max estimates for hundreds of exercises
- Easy to navigate user interface
- Reads and writes workout and health data to/from Apple Health Kit and the Apple Health App
- Artificial Intelligence model trained on 10M+ individuals

Why the KAEOS Anywhere Method Works:

- Your trainer will design and personalize your workout experience for your specific goal
- Your trainer will keep your motivated and accountable
- Sets you up for success right from the beginning by allowing you to choose how often and how long you workout, as well as what goal you are trying to achieve

Terms and Conditions:
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