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Kaba Key

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Kaba Key

Kaba’s Key, cloud-based mobile access system merges security and convenience to enhance a lock user’s experience. Kaba is an innovator in NFC, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and other technologies that enable the issue and management of secure mobile credentials (keys) for hotel, multi-family and student housing properties. Kaba’s latest RFID door locks are Kaba Key compatible and are used on a variety of door types, to give facility managers a flexible choice of entry options.

BLE-enabled door locks allow an authorized user to swipe a BLE-equipped mobile device (smartphone, tablet etc) with the Kaba Key app near a sensor on the door lock. The lock reads the Kaba Key credential and determines whether a unique code conveyed by the phone is on an approved "pass" list. If so, access is allowed, and the entry is recorded.

• Unlock your hotel room with your mobile device (phone, tablet, etc)
• Store multiple room keys on a single device
• View your assigned hotel room numbers by entering your personal PIN
• Secure end-to-end delivery of your key from the hotel to your mobile phone
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