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Do you want to quit smoking? Or have you quit already and need motivation to stay quit? Then JustQuit is the app for you.

* Watch support added. Now get all your statistics on your watch.
* Custom background wallpaper to keep you motivated (family/kid's photo)
* Many currencies added
* 100's of quotes, quitting tips and suggestions
* Achievements and notification reminders
* Share your stats or your achievements
* Earn Badges and Rewards
* Timer with milliseconds (you can stare at it as long as your craving lasts)
* More than 60 achievements

Scientific techniques have been used to lay out the time of the notifications which help you stay on track and quit smoking forever.

Achievements are unlocked automatically and you are reminded with notifications and badges which you can share on social networks.

You will have live access to statistics such as time since you last smoked accurate to milliseconds. Those milliseconds have been deliberately added for you to stare at and pass the craving time.

Statistics in the app :

* Time since last cigarette
* Money saved and cigarettes not smoked (Until now, every day,week, month and year)
* Life expectancy gained
* Tar not inhaled

This app has been reviewed by 100's of beta-smokers before launch.

If you want to live a healthy smoke free life, get this app right now!
Bharat Gulati