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Just Sudoku

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Just Sudoku

Just Sudoku is simply what the name suggest. Lots of unique regular sudoku puzzles wait for your solution.

The new Apple Watch extension gives you a quick sudoku-fix when you are stuck waiting in line.

Just Sudoku was made by a sudoku fan, who was annoyed by all the apps that were feature overloaded.
Therefore it is very simple and to the point. Omitting superfluous frills.
Simple straight-forward puzzle solving like in the newspaper. Ideal for casual playing.

- Tons of unique puzzles
- Classic and jigsaw board layout
- 4 difficulty levels
- Hinting on a cell by cell basis
- Dark friendly version (doesn't hurt the eyes and bother others, when playing at night)
- Smart buttons (great for beginners or more difficult levels)
- Customize font and number sizes
- Landscape and portrait modes
- Take notes with pencil markings
- Display where numbers are already placed in the puzzle.

For all the pros out there: these sudokus will not need advanced solving methods such as X-Wing, Swordfish, Jellyfish and Co. to be completed. Basic logic as well as single, double, triple naked pairs are all you need to know.


If you have any suggestions, ideas, bugs, comments or feedback, feel free to shoot us an email at
Joseph Keitgen