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Just Quotes

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Just Quotes

Find amazing quotes and share them with friends! Just Quotes provides famous sayings and quotations from well-known people. Every quote is presented with beautiful picture and an author, colorful slides for you to experience every fact at its fullest. You will get many different categories to choose from - favorite your best quotes and share them with your friends!
Our life can be measured in expressions from famous people, everyone knows of. Each of them lived their life at their best and they have lots of little stories to tell you. You just need to listen to their advices and create lots of good memories for yourself.

Some of the authors of famous quotes presented in our great app - William Shakespeare, Fedor Dostoevsky, Mark Twain, Albert Einstein, Dr. Seuss, George Martin, Paulo Coelho, Anton Chekhov, Leo Tolstoy, Winston Churchill, Norman Peale, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt, Arthur Schopenhauer, Wayne Gretzky, Bernard Shaw, Pablo Picasso, Bob Marley, Elbert Hubbard, Robert Heinlein, George Orwell, Marilyn Monroe, Martin Luther King Jr, Mother Teresa, Oscar Wilde, Van Gogh, J. K. Rowling and many many more.
And even movie characters left their good and funny quotes to amaze and entertain you - Dumbledore, Lemony Snicket, Godfather, Clint Eastwood, James Bond, Frankenstein and others.

So have you decided to get your portion of great quotes? Quote a quote! Get Just Quotes: Did You Know? app and enjoy life!
Pavlo Andryeyev