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Juicelous Gym Gains Optimizer

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Juicelous Gym Gains Optimizer

Do you thrive for a Healthy, Lean and Strong body but keep Failing to achieve those Results? Feeling your Gym membership is useless without a Personal Trainer? Would you like to pursue a Fitter Lifestyle, learn how to Eat healthier Meals without following a Strict Diet?


** Who is Juicelous for? **

At Juicelous we understand that being fit is an everyday journey. And, just like you, we know that 7 minute or equipment free workouts results wont’t last; That macro / calorie-restricted-only diets could end harming you; That free routines found on internet or shared by celebrities work only for a few, with high risk of injury for the rest, and that the Personal Trainer alternative is expensive, inconvenient and outdated.

If you are the kind of person who believes that a FITTER BODY TODAY IS A HEALTHIER SELF TOMORROW, you are already one of us!

** Another fitness app? **

With a world’s first Apple Watch compatible algorithm that truly understands user movement, Juicelous is stepping up the current state of the art of fitness apps. And around it, we built with the ultimate fitness and healthy lifestyle experience, standing by for our four simple principles:


** This is what it makes it so great **

UNLIMITED PROGRAMS: Never ask for one again.

Juicelous fitness programs grow with you optimizing reach your goals. We offer an increasing catalogue of short duration, fully customized programs that are related between them. From beginner friendly (weight loss, gain muscle, recomposition) to more specific ones (like preparing yourself for your first Half Marathon or get ready for amateur sport matches) we got you covered.

Finish the current one to unlock the next ones:

- Reachable Three Weeks Gym Programs
- Progress Tracker built int right in your iPhone.
- Gamificated Workout session feedback.

GUIDES THE WORKOUTS: No magic it's science.

Our unique movement engine understands how you workout; assessing weights, tracking reps and managing rest periods. This allows us to adapt the planning to your current performance and get the most juice out of the workout session.

It’s like having a Personal Trainer inside your Apple Watch:

- Complete your entire workout from your Watch and leave the iPhone in the locker.
- Get feedback with Audible and Haptic notifications.
- Glance it for Strength Metrics like Sets & Reps to go, suggested Weight and remaining Rest interval.
- Integrates with Health App

CENTERED ON YOU: 24/7 for whenever you want push yourself.

Determination doesn't know about places, schedules, partners or equipment. Juicelous does not require you to go to a specific gym, setup a timeframe, get along with a stranger or have the last fancy equipment as opposite a Personal Trainer would do. Instead we always have a next workout ready and is flexible enough to fit your busy weekly schedule.

This is how we encourage you to give the most in every workout session:

- Next Workout checklist right on your iPhone: List of today’s exercises, duration and intensity.
- Recovery management: We won’t allow working out if you’re not fully recovered.

YOUR OWN FITNESS MAGAZINE: Stay tuned when you're not working out.

Fresh articles from all your favourite sources will flood the feed daily. We believe in educating you for a healthier lifestyle instead of providing with strict diets or rigid meal planners. Easy customize it with a flick of a finger and get:

- Fast, easy and healthy Recipes.
- Exercise technique reviews.
- Sleeping and general health tips.
- Fitness world’s Gossip

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*Requires a Apple Watch with watchOS 3.1
Marc Gonzalez