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Judgement Day

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Judgement Day



A fast and accurate touch action game that checks the left and right side and returns to the safe home of Miss Heaven and Mr. Hell!
Through your judgment, please pierce the one way street that is blocked.
World rankings and country rankings can be used to check your the King of the underworld abilities.

Game description

1. Operation
: Left tab: Mr. Hell (red)
: Right tab: Miss Heaven (white)

2. Rules
: The choice of the moment goes to heaven and hell! Watch out!
: Please let them go home as soon as possible during quitting time! Watch the timer!

3. Menu
: The moment coming and going to heaven and hell, It can be dangerous because of thrilling tension, so if you are weak, please reduce the volume.
: Achieve the world's top rankings, then you can ranked in triple crown including heaven and hell.

* If you can not connect to the network, you can not enter the scoreboard.

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